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360mm Sanitary Napkins with ADL

female incontinence pad
360mm Sanitary Napkins with ADL
100000 pieces
1000000pieces / Day
1.Extra Absorption: These pads are designed with enhanced absorption capacity to handle a higher flow of menstrual fluid during the night, ensuring you wake up feeling dry and comfortable.
2.Longer Length: Night-time pads are typically longer and wider, providing better coverage and protection against leaks as you move around during sleep.
3.Secure Overnight Protection: Their advanced design and leak-proof barriers help prevent any leakage, allowing you to sleep without worries about staining your sheets or clothing.
4.Tailored Design: These pads are engineered to adapt to your body's movements, providing flexibility and comfort even as you shift during sleep.
5.Peace of Mind: Using night-use sanitary pads provides a sense of security and peace of mind, enabling you to focus on getting a restful night's sleep without worrying about leaks or discomfort.


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Wholesome ladies panty liner are smaller and thinner than sanitary napkins and are barely noticeable on top of underwear, allowing them to comfortably carry out daily activities.Female pads are usually used during the non-menstrual period and in the early and late stages of menstruation.Common lengths being 245mm, 390mm,350mm,420mm.


1. Surface Layer Options: The surface layer offers a range of choices, such as hot air non-woven fabric, pure cotton, spunbond, mesh, and even biodegradable materials. These effectively absorb moisture, ensuring users remain dry and comfortable.


2. Chips with Varied Benefits: We offer a variety of options for the pad's core, including Negative ion chip,Blue ADL,Tea Polyphenols chip,Organic Herbal chip, and more, each offering specific benefits.


3. Absorbent Core: Beneath lies the absorbent core, typically made from wood pulp and superabsorbent polymers (SAP), swiftly drawing in menstrual flow and securely locking it away to prevent leakage.


4. Customizable Films: Both Pouch Film and PE/Clothlike Film can be customized with patterns and colors.


At every special moment in life, Wholesome ladies panty liner stand guard for you. Whether it's the thrill of dynamic activities or the tranquility of the night, Wholesome ladies panty liner offer you meticulous care. Thoughtfully designed and attentively caring, they ensure you experience comfort and confidence at every turn.


Wholesome stands as a leading manufacturer,supplier, and exporter of top-quality ladies panty liner, primarily focused on catering to wholesale orders and not involved in retail sales. Our pride lies in offering an array of sizes and designs, ensuring our ladies panty liner meet the diverse needs and preferences of our esteemed clients.
If you're interested in acquiring our premium ladies panty liner, we invite you to get in touch at your earliest convenience. Our dedicated team is excited to discuss options, customization potential, and pricing details, tailoring the experience to suit your unique requirements and ensuring a smooth and satisfying procurement journey.

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