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Disposable Diaper Liner T Type

disposable diaper liner
Disposable Diaper Liner T Type
100000 cartons
300000cartons / Week
1. Easy Cleanup: Diaper liners make it easier to clean up after bowel movements, as they catch solid waste. When changing a diaper, the liner can be lifted out and disposed of, reducing the need to clean the entire diaper.
2. Reduced Staining: By capturing solid waste, diaper liners help prevent staining on the diaper itself, making it easier to maintain the diaper's appearance.
3. Skin Protection: Diaper liners create a barrier between the absorbent core and the skin, which can help reduce direct contact with moisture and irritants, leading to potential skin irritations or rashes.
4. Flushable Options: Some diaper liners are designed to be flushable, which can make disposal even more convenient and environmentally friendly. However, it's important to ensure that flushable liners are compatible with your plumbing system.
5. Simplicity for Caregivers: For caregivers, using diaper liners can simplify the process of cleaning and changing diapers, especially in cases where solid waste is involved.
Adult diaper liners are a crucial necessity catering to specific industries and special groups. Here's an overview of their structure and customization:

The shape of the diaper liner is divided into 8 Type, T Type and straight Type.
The top sheet comprises soft nonwoven fabric, which can be chosen from options like Spunbond nonwoven or hot air nonwoven. This layer allows urine to pass through to the absorbent core while preventing any backflow.
The Absorbent Core, composed of Fluff Pulp and SAP, efficiently absorbs and locks away liquid by converting it into gel. This prevents leakage and odors. The choice of brands for these materials can also be tailored to customer requirements.
For the Backsheet, options include PE Film and Clothlike Film. Both act as barriers, retaining liquid within the diaper and safeguarding clothing and bedding.
Wholesome stands as a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of premium-quality Adult diaper liners, catering primarily to wholesale orders. Wholesome Adult diaper liners have garnered acclaim for their superior comfort, rapid absorbency, and exceptional skin-friendliness. We offer a diverse range of sizes to meet the varying requirements of our esteemed clientele.
It's important to note that our focus is exclusively on serving wholesale clients; we do not engage in retail sales. Pricing for our diaper liners is contingent on the order quantity. If you're interested in placing an order for our Diaper Liner, we encourage you to reach out promptly to explore available options and discuss pricing details!
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