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Disposable Adult Panty Diaper Adult Pull Up Incontinence Underwear

adult pull up
Disposable Adult Panty Diaper Adult Pull Up Incontinence Underwear
10000 pieces
100000 PCSpieces / Day
1.Convenience: The pull-up design allows for easy and discreet wearing, similar to regular underwear, making it ideal for active individuals.
2.Mobility: The elastic waistband and tear-away seams enable quick changes without the need for removing clothing or lying down.
3.Leakage Protection: The absorbent core and waterproof outer layer provide excellent protection against leaks and odor.
4.Comfort: The soft top layer and breathable materials ensure a comfortable and irritation-free experience.
5.Independence: The pull-up style empowers users with mobility challenges to manage diaper changes independently.
     If adult diapers are suitable for bedridden patients, adult panty diaper may be a good choice for people who can move independently.

     Here are the structure and customization of adult panty diaper.

  1. There are many materials to choose from for the surface layer, such as Spunbond nonwoven,pearl hot air non-woven.They wick away moisture to keep the skin dry and comfortable.
  2. Acquisition Layer main function is to guide urine quickly through the diaper, ensuring rapid dispersion and even distribution of wetness to the absorbent core. It can be customized in size and color (blue or green).
  3. SAP and fluff pulp quickly absorbs and locks away liquid, preventing leaks and odor. Different brands of wood pulp and SAP may have varying levels of absorbency, stability, and cost.
  4. As urine flows through this layer, the chemical indicators undergo a noticeable transformation, commonly resulting in a color change. For instance, they may shift from one color to another, such as yellow to blue, providing a clear indication that the diaper has been used. We can provide customized color and number of strips according to customer requirements.We also support printing customer's logo on the Wetness Indicator.
  5. The Clothlike Backfilm acts as a barrier, preventing leakage and protecting clothing and bedding.And Tear-away Seams facilitates easy removal and disposal of the used diaper.


    Please be aware that Wholesome primary focus is catering to wholesale clients, and we do not offer retail sales of our products. The price is based on the quantity ordered, and we are pleased to accommodate large-scale orders.

   If you are interested in placing an order for Wholesome high-quality adult panty diaper, we encourage you to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. Our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you in exploring the various options available and discussing pricing details to ensure a seamless and satisfying procurement experience. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries or to initiate your wholesale order process!


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