Disposable elderly adult diaper manufacturer supplier

  • Disposable elderly diapers,adult diaper manufacturers,disposable diaper suppliers
  • Disposable elderly diapers,adult diaper manufacturers,disposable diaper suppliers
  • Disposable elderly diapers,adult diaper manufacturers,disposable diaper suppliers
Disposable Cloth Elder Adult T Shape Diapers Liner
  • customize
  • Tjianjin China
  • 10 day
  • 170,000 pieces / day

The CCUP-T is a T-shaped diaper liner. Imported wood pulp and sap.3D anti-side leakage, adhesive, very popular in Korea

Disposable Cloth Elder Adult T Shape Diapers Liner

Diaper liner typeSizeDimension     (cm)Weight(g)SAP(g)


  1.  Hydrophilic non-oven fabrics     

  2. Japan SAP +American fluff pulp  

  3.  SMS Non-woven fabric    

  4.  PE backsheet   

  5.  Leg cuff+ leakguard

Absorbent capacity(ml):500

Disposable elderly diapers

adult diaper manufacturers

disposable diaper suppliers

Factory Overview

Tianjin Wholesome is a branch of Tianjin CRX Hygiene Products Company, we are an OEM & ODM factory. Located in Tianjin, adjacent to the port. After 16 years of exploration and development. At present, we can provide the most suitable incontinence products for different customers. And has a professional foreign trade team, exclusive customer service to follow up from placing orders to receiving goods.

Disposable elderly diapers


We take our product and partner seriously. Our incontinence products have the industry's most important certifications. We can make sure you have the right license in the local market.

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In order to ensure that the foreign trade department understands the international market dynamics and customer needs, we participate in 3-4 exhibitions in different countries every year.

disposable diaper suppliers


About the sample

Q. Is it free sample?

A. We can provide free samples, but the customer needs to pay the postage, the official order, we can return.

Q. What samples can be provided?

A. Because it is a customized product, we can only provide samples in the warehouse. If there are requirements for sample parameters, please contact customer service.

Q. If I don't have the sample I want, can I proof it?

A. You can proof, but you need to pay the proofing fee. 50 pieces or less, the proof will be refunded after the official order

About formal orders

Q. How much is MOQ?

A. OEM usually, we can have a size of 20 ft for 2 sizes. If you do not require product parameters, MOQ is less, please contact customer service

OBM, if you have the right shipping method, no MOQ

Q. I want to customize the new packaging, what are the requirements?

A. We welcome customers who customize packaging. If you have a packaging design, we make a bag based on your design. If not, we can design it for you for free.

Q. What is the MOQ of the package?

A. Normally, the MOQ of the package is 10,000 pieces. But if your packaging is less colored (if your packaging is a simple print design), MOQ can be as low as 1,000. For more details, please contact customer service

Q. I am new to the industry. Do you have any support?

A. We can recommend products in the right target market and reduce MOQ.

Get the latest price? We'll respond as soon as possible(within 12 hours)

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