Features and maintenance of disposable bed pads


Disposable bed pads are generally used in hospitals and are used more by pregnant women, because pregnant women have weak body resistance after delivery, and disposable bed pads can be changed and cleaned frequently. So what are the main characteristics of disposable bed pads? How to maintain disposable bed pads? Then follow us to learn more about it.

  Disposable bed pad Features

  1. Bacteriostatic and bactericidal, effectively prevent symptoms such as viral infections and skin allergies;

  2. clean and hygienic, can effectively absorb odors;

  3. the use method is simple, convenient and fast;

  4. disinfection products. The surface layer of the disposable medical bed pad is made of breathable and absorbent soft woven fabric, which is always comfortable and dry. Imported wood pulp and polymer absorbent resin, and the leak-proof layer is made of PE cast waterproof film.

  Daily maintenance of disposable bed pads

  1. Effectively keep clean

  Get up in the morning and lift the sheets for several hours to allow the bed pad to fully breathe. Use a soft brush to gently sweep around the bed pad to remove floating soil. It is best not to use a vacuum cleaner, as the dust inside the bed pad is generally unable to penetrate the surface pad material and be sucked out. Using a bed pad cover is a simple and effective method, and it is most hygienic to clean it regularly.

  2. do not fold the spring bed pad

  In general, two people should carry the bed pad. Keep the bed pad at the same level during transportation, which will facilitate the transportation and reduce the possibility of damage. Excessive bending can damage the internal spring system. Bend the bed pad slightly as you pass through the door instead of overfolding it. When laying the sheets, be careful not to bend the corners of the bed pad.

  3. Regular flip

  It is recommended to regularly change the orientation of the bed pad to maintain comfort. The bed pad contains multiple inner cushions for extended comfort and enhanced support. For new bed pads, human indentations are often left, which indicates that the upper cushion is playing a comfortable role in matching the body shape. To reduce human indentation, change the orientation of the bed pad occasionally during the life of the bed pad. For oversized spring bed pads, there is also a flip-free design, which is very practical for families with a thin body.

  The above is an introduction to the characteristics and daily maintenance of disposable bed pads. I hope that everyone will be helpful after understanding the characteristics and daily maintenance of disposable bed pads.

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