Common misunderstandings of adult diapers


Greater means better absorption capacity? The answer is no. Many people think that the bigger the diaper, the stronger the water absorption. Adult diapers, pull-ups, pads and liners are designed to manage specific levels of absorption. Regardless of the size of the diaper - ultra-small or oversized - the highly absorbent product handles heavy voids while keeping the user dry and comfortable. Carefully crafted products have some technology that can suck liquid away from the skin, called "wicking", keeping the skin dry and helping to avoid odor accumulation. These products also help prevent skin breakdown and infection.

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This is common sense; liquids always find the path with the least resistance. Therefore, if the leg area is not comfortable enough, the liquid will leak through the gap. The best incontinence products pay close attention to the open area of the leg. An easy way to ensure this is to gently place a finger under the elasticity around the legs. If the opening is tight - don't overtighten - you will have a comfortable fit and less chance of leaking.

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