Bird diapers, monthly flow of 5,000 US dollars exported to the United Arab Emirates


In the pet industry, not only cats and dogs have a variety of small clothes and cute hoods, but now even pet birds have their own "diapers."

Recently, it has been reported that the bird diaper hand-made by Jiangsu girl Zheng Zheng after 95 is called "the invention of God" by the bird-raiser. Today, her bird diapers are also sold overseas, and are sold in large quantities to the United States, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates...

Zheng Yu said that even a pet bird can't be kept in a cage for a long time, otherwise it will be depressed.

But if you let them out, the frequency of excretion will be pulled every 20-30 minutes, your house will soon be captured by the cockroach, known as the air bomb.

Zheng Wei said that she found that there are indeed bird diapers in foreign countries. "But their design is not reasonable and the price is expensive. It costs 200-400 pieces."

Therefore, Zheng Zheng began to ponder the design of more convenient and practical bird diapers. The current bird diaper design has undergone a revision of eight or nine times. The outer layer is a lovely cotton cloth, and the inside is a tarpaulin. Put a small pad or cotton pad before use, and adjust the size of the diaper with a Velcro.

Zheng Yi's shop sells more than 1,000 pieces per month, and the water flow is around 30,000. It is not only welcomed by domestic consumers, but also many customers from abroad: the United States, Canada, the United Arab Emirates...

With the increase of pets, the concept of scientific pets has gradually increased, and the love of pets has become more and more concerned. However, in addition to the interaction of buying toys, buying snacks, and taking photos with cats and dogs, "smart pets" has unexpectedly become a new trend.

Smart pets become the main trend hotspot

According to the analysis of the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the performance of wearable devices has not been satisfactory in recent years, but the wearable devices for pets are getting hotter.

The pet users tend to be younger, and the pressure of work or study is heavy. The emergence of smart pet products not only solves the troubles of pets being alone at home, but also improves the quality of life.

On January 29, 2019, Jingdong Supermarket released the pet 2019 consumption trend list. Based on Jingdong supermarket user consumption data and search attention, the list predicted the trends of pet consumption in 2019, among which “smart pets” became the focus of future consumption trends. .

Relevant surveys show that compared with foreign countries, domestic pet smart equipment companies have more product structure and wider coverage. For example, Dornes, the first pet intelligent ecological concept company in China, was established in 2003 and listed in the US in December 2017. It is the world's first listed company in the field of smart pets. Donis first launched a pet smart collar, and based on this, vigorously developed pet smart devices, product design dog cages, feeders, water dispensers and toys, etc. Nowadays, it is a listing of pet intelligence, traction and care. the company. It is reported that Donis will soon enter the pet health sector and improve the construction of the pet ecosystem.

Other emerging smart pet companies, such as Xiaopei Pet and his daughter, are in the middle and late stages of financing, with diverse product lines and high product packaging values, and target users are younger groups.

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