Baby diapers selection criteria and usage


What are the standard requirements for purchasing baby diapers? How to use baby diapers properly? Let ’s take a look at the selection criteria and use of baby diapers together.

  Baby diapers selection criteria

  1, better absorption

  (1) The outer surface feels dry after using baby diapers;

  (2) The front, back and sides of baby diapers are not leaking;

  (3) uniformly absorb urine instead of focusing on the middle;

  2, dry and breathable

  (1) Keep your baby's small butt dry after using baby diapers;

  (2) It will not stick to the baby's small butt when taking off the baby diaper;

  (3) no rash;

  3, soft

  (1) The baby can move freely;

  (2) No red mark;

  (3) Cotton, feels softer;

  4, thin

  (1) Looks thin to the touch;

  (2) suitable for summer use;

  (3) does not rise after absorbing urine;

  5, other indicators of baby diapers In addition to the main indicators mentioned above, a good baby diaper should also have good cuts, wet urine display, interesting cartoon patterns, but also continuous cotton, with magic buckles.

Baby diapers

  How to use baby diapers

  1. Spread out the baby diaper, with the buckled end as the back.

  2. Put the unfolded baby diaper under the baby's small butt, and put the back slightly higher than the abdomen to prevent urine from leaking from the back.

  3. Pull the baby diaper in the middle of the baby's legs up to the belly button, and align the buckles on the left and right sides with the waist circumference respectively, and attach them symmetrically. Be careful not to stick too tightly, as a guideline for placing a finger.

  4. Adjust the frills on the waist and legs to prevent the frills from catching the baby's tender skin and abrading the skin. At the same time, pull out the leak-proof partition of the leg to prevent side leakage.

  The above is the introduction of the baby diaper selection standards and usage methods. I hope everyone will know the baby diapers selection standards and usage methods, and it will be helpful to everyone.

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